What Are My Options When It Comes To Coffee Brewers?


Brewing coffee might seem easy and instant, especially with the invention of automatic coffee brewers. With many coffee shops emerging in the streets, each shop is developing a specific method of brewing their beverage. That said, here are some of the common methods of brewing coffee.

1. Coffee brewers

These are the most common options for brewing coffee. They are also called the coffee makers, and they are the escape route for those with less experience for making a smooth brew of coffee.

The brewing process involves adding water into the compartment after you open the lid. Before that, you’ll need to ensure that you measure the right ratio of coffee ground to water servings. This is placed in the filter, and the coffee pot should be placed perfectly.


• Easy to brew
• Comes handy when you need a fast brew
• Affordable
• Involves limited clean-up


• The brew is not always of a high quality
• A wrong coffee roast to water ratio can affect the brew.

2. Espresso

Espresso is one of the most favored coffee brews, especially in coffee shops. With this brew, it needs proper practice to be perfect at it. The grind, timing, and weight are vital when you want to brew a high-quality espresso.

Espresso machines normally utilize a combination of steam and high pressure. With the combination of the two, the brew is extracted with a fine taste that contains the original bitterness.


• It produces a high-quality brew
• The taste is usually unmatched
• It can be enjoyable to learn


• The machine is usually costly
• It needs full dedication when learning how to brew
• A wrong choice of the machine can affect the quality of the brew.

3. French Press

This method is also easy, and it delivers a decent brew as well. It will not affect the flavor as much, and the brew is normally rich and dark. It is a perfect method for preparing dark roasts, and the richness of the brew is due to the close contact of the water and the grounds for a long time. A French press brew also required proper ratio of coffee to water.

• It is quick to brew; only four minutes
• It can be used for a daily brew due to its sweet taste
• It doesn’t involve filters, meaning that the clean-up is minimal.

• The water needs to be boiled separately

4. Drip Coffee

This coffee brewing method is also time-saving, and you will not experience any complications when brewing your beverage. Usually, the original flavor of the beans is burned off. Though the taste is eliminated, the strong characters are maintained, and the final brew is usually dark.


• It is convenient
• It produces a lot of coffee at once
• Water is heated by the machine, and the coffee pot is kept warm all along.
• It is a perfect choice if you need a strong brew


• The drip coffee brewer can ruin your high-quality beans
• The final brew might have some taste of plastic
• The heat cannot be controlled

5. Cold Brew

Cold brew method might be a less popular option, but it is the most ideal during the summer. Also, people use it when using coffee as a recipe of a certain food. It is usually preferred over iced coffee since water will not go down when the ice is melting.

• It is easy to brew
• It is a perfect choice for enjoying your brew on a hot day
• It involves limited clean-up.


• It takes long to brew, even though it is simple
• The coffee must be strained before it is used.

6. Pour Over

This one is usually reserved for the brewing specialists since the overall process is very much detailed. You must know how to come up with the perfect brew that has an appealing smell and taste. This method works well with a light roast, or if the coffee has a complex flavor with a sweet taste. The bitterness is also eliminated in the process.


• It is not time-consuming
• It delivers a perfect brew from high-quality beans
• The brew is not complex


• It requires a filter for a perfect brew, and a wrong choice of the filter can affect the flavor of the coffee.

7. Coffee Percolators

This one is the conventional method of brewing coffee, and it involves a metal basket that is filled with coffee grounds. A hollow metal tube is then placed at the center of the basket and placed inside the coffee pot. The coffee pot contains water and a lid. When heat is applied from below, water is pushed through the tube, and it mixes with the coffee grounds. From there, your brew is made.


• Coffee is brewed at high temperatures
• The machine is durable
• The non-automatic machines allow you to control the brewing
• It makes a strong and tastier brew


• It can deliver bitter coffee brews if you are controlling it manually
• The brewing process is slow
• It needs practice and perfection for a smooth brew


You should always understand which method perfectly suits your coffee needs before you pick any. Also, have patience in learning how to use the specific method for you to enjoy your final brew. Above all, ensure that you pick the right machine.