Fair Trade Explained


Coffee is the one of the most important commodity in the world trade market. A large number of farmers are involved in the cultivation of coffee all over the world. The fair trade coffee is the coffee with fair trade certification detailing about its origin. This coffee can come from anywhere around the world. The concept of fair trade coffee helps the farmers and producers of the coffee in financial terms. These farmers and producers receive a fair amount for the coffee they yield. The fair trade coffee will support the families of these farmers to lead a better life.


The fair trade coffee is cultivated by the fair trade farmers who harvest the coffee and market it to the international buyers. There is a need for these farmers to understand the strategies to sustain their business in the international market and compete against the other coffee trade. The fair trade coffee is specially labeled which will indicate that the coffee is from the fair trade farmers. Such labeling ensures various aspects of the fair trade. The farmers earn the right price for their coffee harvest and are able to invest them back for the next harvest of coffee. The fair trade coffee is harvested in a manner that does not cause any danger to the ecosystem. It strictly prohibits the use of the harmful chemicals and fertilizers as the farmers aim at protecting the natural habitat and resources for the next generation. It is one such reason that the fair trade coffee is gaining more popularity in the recent times. It aims at various environmental management agendas like proper waste disposal, proper utilization of water resources, etc. The workers employed by the farmers enjoy the benefits of good wages as they have more profit from the fair trade coffee. All these aspects of fair trade coffee are monitored on a periodic basis. The inspection is done every year where the inspectors look out for the conditions under which the cultivation of coffee is carried out.


The fair trade coffee does not only benefit the farmers, but also the customers. If you compare the prices of a normal coffee with the fair trade coffee, you will see that the fair trade coffee is lower in price compared to the other one. This is because the fair trade coffee does not involve a third intermediate person in the business. The farmers directly market their coffee products to the customers and hence, the price is fair. The fair trade coffee is organic, so it is obviously a healthy option. The coffee does tastes good, hence, this is an added benefit for the coffee consumers. The traditional coffee is manufactured in a large-scale in a quick way that degrades its quality. But this is not the case with fair trade coffee. Every crop is grown with utter care and in a slow way that makes them very superior in quality. The absence of chemical fertilizers in the fields of fair trade coffee makes it retain all the essential nutrients, thereby, making it healthy and nutrient-rich.


In order to know if a particular coffee is fair trade coffee or not, you need to check for the labels that specify the coffee as the fair traded ones. There are dedicated organizations that screen the fair trade coffee products and make sure that the products meet all the international standards specified by the fair trade organizations. Fairtrade America is one such organization that certifies all the fair trade products in general. It deals with the promotion of sustainable production of such products. The other similar organizations are the Fair Trade USA and the Fair for Life. These organizations help the customers to identify the fair trade coffee products in the market among others.


When you buy a fair trade coffee, you help a small-scale farmer who otherwise struggles to make a living. You are helping the members of the farmer’s family to lead a financially stable life. Not only this, you benefit a lot from the fair trade coffee in terms of health and nutrition. The production of fair trade coffee does not involve any complicated process of using the chemical fertilizers. It is, indeed, a good option for you if you are a coffee lover.